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Articles of Association of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce


concurrently act as a cashier. The accounting personnel must conduct accounting and implement accounting supervision. An accounting worker that will be transferred to another post or quit his /her job must go through the hand-over procedures with the take-over personnel.

Article 33
CECC’s assets management must conform to the financial management system stipulated by the state and be subject to supervision by the Board of Directors and the financial authority. CECC must accept the auditing authority’s supervision of the government appropriations, public donations and financial aids received by CECC and announce the relevant information to the public by appropriate means.

Article 34
Before electing new members for the Board of Directors or changing its legal representative, CECC must accept the financial audit organized by the Registration and Administration Authority and the Authority in Charge.

Article 35
No unit or individual shall embezzle, share or misappropriate CECC’s assets.

Article 36
The wages, insurance, welfare and other benefits for the full-time working personnel of CECC shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state on public institutions.

Chapter VI Procedure for Amendment of the Articles of Association

Article 37
Any amendment of the Articles of Association of CECC shall be examined by the Board of Directors after voted through by the Standing Board.

Article 38
The amended Articles of Association of CECC shall not enter into force until examination and approval by the Authority in Charge and the Registration and Administration Authority within 15days after adoption by the Board of Directors.

Chapter VII Procedure for Termination and Disposal of Assets after Termination

Article 39
The Board of Directors shall put forth a resolution of termination when CECC has fulfilled its purpose, or will be dissolved by itself, or needs to be cancelled for division or combination.

Article 40
The resolution of termination shall be voted through by the Board of Directors and approved by the Authority in Charge.

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