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Articles of Association of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

2. to coordinate the work of the branches, representative agencies and entities under CECC;
3. to nominate the deputy director-general (deputy secretary-general ) and the chief leaders of all the offices, branches, representative agencies and entities under CECC for decision by the Standing Board;
4. decide the appointment of the leaders of all the departments under the Secretariat;
5. decide the employment of full-time workers for the offices, representative agencies and entities under CECC; and
6. handle other daily affairs.

Article 27
According to the need of the development of work, CECC may establish several professional branches and local chambers of commerce.
1. CECC may establish some professional branches, which shall be registered with the state public organization registration authority after approval by the authority in charge of the business of public organizations.
2. Local electronic chambers of commerce shall be corporations registered with local authorities of civil affairs, may join CECC as institutional members, may be treated as CECC’s local branches and shall accept CECC’s guidance in business operations.

Chapter V Principles for the Management and Use of Assets

Article 28
The source of CECC’s fund include:
1. membership fee;
2. donations;
3. financial aids from the government;
4. incomes from activities or services conducted within the approved scope of business;
5. interest; and
6. other legal incomes.

Article 29
CECC shall collect membership fee in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state.

Article 30
CECC’s funds must be used for the development of undertakings within its scope of business specified in these Articles of Association and shall not be distributed among the members.

Article 31
CECC shall establish a financial management system and ensure the financial data are legal, true, accurate and complete.

Article 32
CECC shall have accounting personnel with professional qualifications. An accountant shall not

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