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Articles of Association of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

11. supervise and criticize CECC’s work and leaders, impeach and accuse illegal conducts and misfeasance or propose to dismiss the relevant personnel.

Article 11
Each member of CECC is obligated to:
1. implement the resolutions of CECC;
2. safeguard CECC’s legal interests;
3. fulfill the job entrusted by cecc;
4. pay membership fee in accordance with the regulations;
5. report the relevant facts and provide the relevant information to CECC;
6. abide by CECC’s Articles of Association and the rules and regulations formulated by CECC; and
7. actively take part in various professional activities organized by CECC, strictly observe the agreements jointly signed by the members of CECC with external parties, and do nothing that may impair the reputation and interests of CECC and its members,

Article 12
A member that wants to withdraw from CECC shall submit a written notice and hand back the membership certificate of this member to CECC. A member’s failure to pay membership fee or failure to attend CECC’s activities in one year will be deemed this member’s automatic withdrawal from CECC. A member may apply for exemption from paying membership fee in special circumstances.

Article 13
A member that has seriously violated these Articles of Association will be dismissed after approval by the Board of Directors or the Standing Board through voting.

Chapter IV Organizational Framework and the Generation and dismissal of Leaders

Article 14
The supreme organ of power of CECC shall be the meeting of members’ representatives (i.e. the Board of Directors). The powers and functions of the Board of Directors are to:
1. formulate and amend the Articles of Association of CECC;
2. elect and dismiss the president, the vice president, the director-general (secretary-general) and the executive directors of CECC;
3. examine the Standing Board’s work reports and financial reports;
4. decide the termination of CECC;
5. examine and approve CECC’s financial budgets, final accounts and major asset investments;
6. discuss and decide CECC’s work policies, tasks and plans;
7. discuss and decide the major matters of CECC and make the relevant resolutions; and
8. decide other major matters of CECC.

Article 15
Each meeting of the Board of Directors is subject to attendance by representatives more than

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