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Articles of Association of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce


Article 8
An organization or individual applying for jointing CECC (hereinafter referred to as the “applicant”) must satisfy the following conditions:
1. the Applicant must uphold CECC’s Articles of Association, actively participate in the activities of CECC, perform the obligations of a member and pay membership fee;
2. the Applicant must has a desire to join CECC and carefully complete an application for membership;
3. any of the enterprises owned by the whole people, collective enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, enterprises with foreign investment, township enterprises and privately-run enterprises that engage in production, operation, scientific research, trade, repair and maintenance and service in connection with electronic products and have the status of a legal person may apply for becoming a corporate member;
4. an individual that has contributed a lot to the development of CECC or is quite influential in the electronic industry may apply for becoming an individual member,; and
5. local electronic chambers of commerce and other electronic organizations may apply for becoming institutional members.

Article 9
The procedure for member enrollment is as follows:
1. submission of an application for joining CECC;
2. registration by the department authorized by the Board of Directors;
3. local electronic chambers of commerce and the other institutional members may enroll members in accordance with their articles of association by reference to the above procedure; and
4. issuance of membership certificate by the Board of Directors or the department authorized by the Board of Directors.

Article 10
Each member of CECC is entitled to:
1. exercise the voting right, the right of election and the right to be elected within CECC;
2. participate in the activities of CECC;
3. have priority in receiving CECC’s service;
4. put forth critical opinions and suggestions on and implement supervision over CECC’s work;
5. join CECC voluntarily and withdraw from CECC without limitation;
6. hear and discuss CECC’s work reports;
7. obtain the relevant information from CECC and enjoy CECC’s information service and legal consultancy service;
8. take part in discussion on the formulation and amendment of the Articles of Association of CECC;
9. question CECC’s work and put forth various constructional suggestions beneficial to the development of CECC;
10. attend various meetings, professional activities, personal trainings and professional lectures organized by CECC; and

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