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Articles of Association of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

manufacturing and sales of electronic products; and supervising the members’ proper implementation of the laws and regulations of the state. In accordance with its scope of business, CECC’s particular missions are to:
1. organize studies on the development strategies, policies, laws, regulations and management systems in connection ith the production and operation of China’s electronic industry, and offer suggestions to the government and the relevant authorities;
2. organize investigation and research of the basic conditions of the electronic industry’s production and operation, meticulously analyze the situation of and the policies on electronic product manufacturing and sales, seek solutions for various problems, put forth suggestions and comments to the relevant government authorities, assist the relevant government authorities to conduct guidance, coordination and consultancy service for the manufacturing and sales of electronic products and supervise the member enterprises’ proper implementation of the policies of the state for promoting the electronic industry’s healthy development;
3. safeguard the members’ legal interests, actively report the members’ opinions and requirements to the relevant authorities, manage to cause the state and the relevant authorities to launch policies beneficial to the invigoration of production and operation for increasing the members’ economic returns;
4. organize and guide the member units to actively explore the market of electronic products for enhancing the member units’ actual strength, and render service for the development of the electronic industry relying on the member units’ joint efforts;
5. organize the member units to develop intercourse with the relevant foreign non-governmental organizations in the electronic industry, and actively create conditions for carrying out and expanding foreign trade, economic cooperation and business exchange.
6. organize investigation and research of the electronic market and provide market information service for the member units’ making of business decisions, the relevant enterprises’ development of products and the relevant government authorities’ formulation of policies;
7. coordinate the interests between the members, stop various unfair means of competition, mediate business disputes between the members and provide the member units with legal consultancy service for assuring fair competition on and safeguarding the order of the electronic market;
8. train production and operation management talents for the member units together with the relevant authorities, and actively carry out theoretical studies on electronic product manufacturing and sales for ceaselessly improving the management skills and theoretical quality of the leaders of the member units;
9. organize various domestic and international fairs, sales exhibitions, forums and product promotion meetings to facilitate the members’ exploration of market, and
10. organize other beneficial public activities that are necessary and possible at the members’ discretion.
Chapter III members

Article 7
CEC’s members are divided into corporate members, institutional members and individual members.

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