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Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1
The English name of the chamber is “China Electronic Chamber of Commerce”( CECC). Registered after approval by the Ministry of Civil affairs, CECC is a national public organization with the qualification of a corporation.

Article 2
Nature of CECC: CECC is a trans-regional and interdepartmental nonprofit public organization voluntarily formed by various units and organizations that engage in electronic product manufacturing, selling, scientific research, teaching and service in all parts of China.

Article 3
Purpose of CECC: The purpose of CECC is to serve its members, the market and the government. In accordance with the principles for the development of the socialist market economy, CECC will make vigorous efforts to promote the manufacturing and sales of electronic products and the growth of domestic and foreign trade, enhance the members’ economic strength, safeguard the members’ legal interests, expand the chamber’s social influence and create a good market environment for the production and operation of the electronic industry by holding high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, adhering to the policy of reform and opening up, strictly abiding by the constitution, laws, regulations and policies of the state, observing public ethics and morals and resolutely implementing the state policies on the development of the electronic industry.

Article 4
CECC is subject to guidance by the Ministry of Information Industry, which is the authority in charge of the business of CECC (hereinafter referred to as “the Authority in Charge”), and to supervision and administration by the No-governmental Organization Administration of the ministry of Civil Affairs, which is the authority responsible for the registration and administration of public organizations (hereinafter referred to as “the Registration and Administration Authority”).

Article 5
CECC’s domicile is located in Beijing.

Chapter II Scope of Business

Article 6
CECC’s scope of business is as follows: playing the role of a link between its members and the government, between different members and between the members and the market; safeguarding the members’ legal interests; reporting the members’ opinions and requirements to the relevant authorities; communicating the government’s policies to the members; assisting the relevant government authorities to conduct guidance, coordination and consultancy service for the

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